Day 1 – Basic Camera Care

Ron Says:
Your camera ain’t cheap. Take care of it. A dirty camera is to a photographer what a dirty spatula is to a cook at the truck stop – it pisses off the end user. Leonard’s camera is brand spanking new and caring for a new camera should be job one. The cost of that camera amounts to many a dollar that isn’t going to find its way tucked into a stripper’s g-string and to keep the girls happy at their loss the first lesson for Leonard is how to care for his new lady – that Nikon D60, Nikon 18-105mm VR lens and any other trinkets that came with his camera kit.

Below are a few links to articles about basic camera care. Leonard’s gonna read them you may as well too.

The Basics of Digital Camera Care from ezinearticles dot com
Dos and Don’ts of Digital Camera Care from

Leonard Says:
Well of course. I had an idea that there was preventative maintenance that goes along with owning a sophisticated digital camera. I also know that it needs to be protected between shots and shooting locations. Even so during shots. I bought the D60 camera body armor to protect my investment. I also boought the Lowepro A100 sling bag for packing the camera along. I did neglect one thing that is aparently important. A cleaning kit!
I do know that the strippers are gonna miss those tips and all. I feel if I get good enough with this, I can take their headshots and make posters of the girls, which may generate enough revenue, to tip the strippers. I think they will see this as a fair trade-off. The way I see it, the best way to tip a stripper is with her money. Only problem I see is the fact that this has my interest enough to never see another stipper…. (Ok… I’m lying!).
Once I get my cleaning kit I will properly clean my lens and body. This day opened my eyes to a lot of information I hope will be a repetitious part of my photography. Thanks again Ron.


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